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 We believe that everyone has a story worth sharing.

We are storytellers at heart – approaching every session with a sincere love for capturing our subjects as naturally & beautifully as we see them.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves… do absolutely nothing on your own. By yourself, you are just a solo day dreamer. But with a partner or a team, you are unstoppable.
— Drew Barrymore, Wildflower


Kate Powell

With a focus on storytelling through authentic portraits and friendships, Kate is the primary artist behind Kate&co. The company was founded on her desire for collaborative partnerships with like-minded photographers and artists. She is eager to partner with other creatives, soaking up inspiration and encouraging others to pursue what they love. 

Her career began when an experienced Creative Director took a risk on a young girl with no experience and a deep desire to design. Kate is a freelance writer, marketing consultant & photographer - serving clients in a variety of industries. She loves the challenge of managing brands and curating their voice, design standards, and marketing campaigns. 

Since 2008, Kate has been working to develop her career as a professional "creative". She has travelled around the world, capturing stories and soaking up inspiration while seeking to serve the least and be a voice to the voiceless. Her photographs have been described as "capturing the love and light within that is so often overlooked". Her love of photography lies in capturing the extraordinary beauty found in everyday life & everyday people. In late 2014, she is relocating with her husband and close friends to China.

Kate is married to her best friend, James Powell, a talented composer & musician who leads a collective of independent musicians named iU. Together they adventure around the world – working to bring hope and friendship through their art. 

Follow Kate’s insta-adventures here: @katelovescompany



Megan Bielfelt

Megan is responsible for many of the deep, moody & emotionally charged images found across the Kate&co. portfolio and journal. She is a constant source of creativity and honest inspiration.

Megan is deeply passionate and loving – the kind of friend every girl hopes for. Megan is inspired by intricate details and brilliant light. Her sense of style and ability to capture intricate details sets her work apart – time & time again.

Megan has travelled extensively, most recently to Kenya & Uganda for a month long project working to capture and share the Raggamuffin story. Her work is heartfelt and compassionate. Her portraits show her ability to create authentic connections, even where language barriers present a unique challenge. Megan's gift for narrative photography is found in her genuine love for the people featured in her work.

Follow Megan's insta-adventures here: @meggo312


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