A long-overdue update...

I thought I would write. 

I thought I would share our story and work out our life changing in front of you.

I so want to share our struggles, our ups and downs, our months of adjusting to life here in China. But most days... I'm empty. I've jotted down titles and topics over and over again. But when I sit down to write, I get a sentence out and start over. Or close the computer and move to the next project.

Here's the truth: There are beautiful miracles happening around us. And there is so much to share that we simply can't.

If you've followed me on instagram, you probably know some the triumphs we've celebrated and the seemingly huge roadblocks we've faced. We've been snowed-in in tropical towns, celebrated the wine aisle at our local Walmart, spent an amazing month with friends from home before having to say one last goodbye, jumped through hoops to obtain visas, travelled to Thailand for a stress-filled "vacation", planned and designed the interiors for a new local shop with friends, and started the long road to learning Chinese. We share what we can and we pray through the days.

I've cried more lately than I'd ever like to admit. This move has been hard. If I can drop the adventure talk for just a second and be completely real: being away from family, moving to a foreign city (even though we "know" and love it), and generally living every moment outside of your comfort zone is tough. We are being stretched and taken to our limits constantly. But He is breathing new life into us. He is teaching me what trust looks like, when all I want to do is run home and hide out for a couple of months/years.

So we press on. We breathe deeply when there is joy and reason to celebrate. We hope for the future and the relationships that are already sprouting up.