"Adventures in Stovetop Baking" - Join me in the Kitchen

I (Kate) recently developed a new blog & began writing for a long-time client that makes beautiful, stainless steel cookware.

We love 360 Cookware & I use it daily in my own kitchen. It is SO easy to stand behind a product that is made in America, guaranteed by a lifetime warranty, and has proven health benefits.

I am hardly a great cook or anything special in the kitchen, but I am a foodie at heart. I love to expiriment & fell in love with food photography a few years ago while shooting the 360 Vapor Cooks Better Cookbook. During my little love affair with food photography, I discovered that a love of cooking comes in handy with a new husband and a house constantly full of friends and family. We love to host, so cooking has become a natural expression of how we love on our friends.

My posts on the 360 Kitchen & Blog reflect my passion for healthy cooking, beautiful ingredients, and tasty foods from around the world. I provide tips for tailoring meals to 360’s Vapor method, healthy (& occasionally… totally indulgent!) recipes, and step-by-step how to’s for foodies & newbies alike (because, let’s face it… I’m still a newbie myself!).

So… let’s start with an indulgent recipe, friends!

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